Rebirth Instrument Repair

Stafford Agee III

Trombonist, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Educator

Stafford Agee II was born in Biloxi Mississippi and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana.  His love of music began at an early age.  As a young man, he began playing music at Charles J. Colton Elementary School under the leadership of Herman Jones.  Stafford began learning the basic fundamentals of music and preparing himself to become a young professional musician.  During this time Stafford quickly became noticed by Milton Baptist of the Olympia Brass Band.  During his tenure with the Olympia Brass Band, Stafford played simultaneously for the Junior Olympia Brass band as well.

After a few years of playing professionally, his love of music continued to strengthen and grow.  While in high school he was offered the opportunity to play for the Rebirth Brass Band.  Stafford has been with the Rebirth Brass Band for (27) twenty-seven years.  As the lead trombonist for the band, he has travelled nationally and internationally performing for multi-faceted audiences.  During his tenure with the Rebirth Brass Band, he has won the coveted 2012 Grammy Award for Best Regional Roots Album.  In addition to performing as the solo trombonist on the album, Stafford wrote music as well.  He continues to be an integral member of the band, contributing his time and talents to helping the band continue its success.

In addition to the dedication to his music career, Stafford imparts his knowledge to young adults.  As a community service advocate, he volunteers his time with music program at O. Perry Walker High School.  Stafford serves as a mentor and Assistant to the Head Music Professor to the students.  He teaches the students fundamentals of marching band concert and jazz ensemble music.  One of his main focuses is to teach the students the true tradition of brass bands.  As a result of Stafford working with the students, he organized and created the jazz ensemble at O. Perry Walker.  Today, the ensemble performs at several events in the New Orleans metropolitan area.

Due to Stafford’s hands on work with students in the school system he instantly began to see the need for instruments to be repaired.  After research, he determined the business needed to support this growing demand was little to non-existent.  To that end, Rebirth Instrument Repair, LLC was created by his leadership.  Through his vision, the focus is to make sure every student and professional player has a working instrument.   As the company continues to grow, Stafford plans to expand services beyond the New Orleans metropolitan area.

Other credits among his portfolio include filmography.  He has appeared in the HBO Movie Series “Treme”.  In addition to appearing on the show, he currently serves as the trombonist for one of the lead characters Antoine Baptist.  As the behind the scenes trombonist, his music is featured on the show and he teaches the on screen actor Wendall Pierce slide positions.  Additionally, he has either appeared in written or performed musical compositions for the following films Angel Heart, The Skeleton Key, and The Awakening.

As a professional musician who has a passion for music, he continues to practice in order to strengthen his talent.  Due to his passion, he continues to volunteer his time in the community, dedicate his time to the Grammy Award winning Rebirth Brass Band and grow his business of repairing horns.

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